Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finished 1st Edit

Editing Process
Words: 3 chapters
Time: 12:30 4:30 (15 min break)
Mood: Good
Impression: It's good

I finished the 1st edit yesterday. But I finished it so late that I couldn't write the blog entry. My overall impression is that the book is interesting to read, at times very funny, very informative, and you walk away with something. This is the book that people should buy if they're thinking about doing penis enlargement.

This was a little tricky to write because my basic penis enlargement technique is already posted online for free. So the book had to contain something that wasn't in the video. I accomplished that. Yes there is a little more about the jelqing process that I didn't mention in the video. But more than that is a perspective that the video by itself doesn't offer.

So as an analogy I would use is that my videos are like being given a gun. If someone hands you a gun, you automatically know that you can use it to shoot your enemies which you think will make you happier. The book is like giving you a gun with a silencer, but also an instruction manual that teaches you how to handle the gun so that it doesn't go off accidental.

Many people won't want to buy a safety manual. But a lot of those same people will have one of there kids die because they were playing with their parent's gun that wasn't safely secured. It's a rough metaphor, but accurate.

A number of people will try jelqing and completely wreck their penis. One guy emailed me saying that he wrecked his and now he's a 19 year old that might have permanent erectile dysfunction. That might have been avoided if he read this book. Seriously!

What's left for the book is a 2nd edit. After that it goes to the publisher. I will probably start on that next week. After that I need to design the cover and I'm done. And it would be about time. :-)