Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Writing Today - Work on TV shows Instead

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I did not write today. I had to see my shrink at 11:30 and I got up at 10am so clearly my routine of writing in the morning was blown. So instead I came up with reality show ideas.

I work with one of the guys that created Joe Millionaire, Temptation Island, Trading Spouses and others. And I am coming up with new show ideas to try to sell to the networks. He referred to one of my ideas as "reality gold" so he wanted me to come up with a few variations on that idea. So I came up with 3 TV show ideas this afternoon before racquetball and I am going to try and come up with 3 more tonight. That should free my mind up and allow me to focus back on the book without, anything hanging over my shoulder.

I would have preferred to not taken a break from the book while I'm struggling so hard to keep hold of the voice of the narrator, but I was going to have to take a break anyway. I figured it was best to do all of the distractions in one day. Tomorrow back to the book.

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