Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First day of Editing

Editing Process

Words: 2 Chapters
Time: Noon - 2pm
Mood: Hesitant
Impression: Very funny!

I'm not going to lie to you, I was not looking forward to editing the book. It was my intention to give my self enough time to forget what I had written. This time is necessary because often a writer will look at a word they wrote and see the word they intended to write and not what's on the page. So during the break I designed 5 postcards for the island of Freeport, Bahamas. I arranged for products from my RememberTheBahamas.com store to be sent to my new Amazon.com store. And I wrote a kids book. There were other small projects that I did, but these were the big ones.

And here's the truth about me. I think of myself as a good writing while I'm writing. But I think of myself as a bad writer after I've forgotten what I've written. So the more time I gave myself between writing and editing, the more concerned I got about whether what I wrote was any good. I was almost trying to find things that I could do instead of editing the book.

But yesterday after I finished sending my kid's book to agents, I knew that there no more escaping it. I had to get back to it whether I wanted to or not. And I have to say that it was frickin' funny! I can't tell whether others would think it's funny, but I laughed really hard starting at the third sentence of the book. Man I enjoyed it.

It was a pretty interesting experience reading it. I guess it is like when you reread a book that you enjoyed a few years earlier. I had an idea of where the story's going, but I don't know how it's going to get there. And how it got there was pretty good. There were more than a few sentences that I had to clean up, but overall there weren't that many changes necessary during this round.

What I also noticed was that things that I remembered as being funny when I wrote it wasn't upon reading it. These were things that I told friends about and they couldn't stop laughing. I the difference happened because I wrote sections each day, forgetting what came before it. In isolation it's a funny concept. But when everything flows together, it's not as funny. But on the other hand, things that I didn't think was funny when I wrote it, gave me a chuckle this time around.

Overall, my first impression is that even though this is about a guy with a talking, alcoholic, penis, it's a mature story. The first chapter is an introduction into this guy's life and the second is about his childhood. The childhood section kind of made me sad. Maybe it's because I know the details of why things happened to him. But whatever the reason, the chapter made me feel something.

Overall, I like what I have read so far.

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