Friday, February 19, 2010

Long day of editing

Editing Process

Words: 1 long chapter
Time: 12:15 5:15pm (30 min break)
Mood: tired
Impression: It did what it was supposed to do

Today I edited the chapter that described the jelqing process. It was as longer than any 2 of the other chapters put together. It was light on story, but long on process. I think that it did what it was supposed to do and it explained it clearly.

I also put some thought into how I will get this book to readers. On that point, I haven't quite decided. I could try to get it published or I could just self publish. The advantage of self-publishing is that I would make more money per book. The potential advantage of going though a publisher is that I might sell more copies. But the question is how many more copies and will the search for a publisher end up being a big waste of time.

From everything that readers of my blog have told me, I know that I will have book buyers. But could a publisher expand that base further than I could on my own. It's a big question.

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