Friday, December 11, 2009

Writing overlooking the Ocean

Words: 2,207 & 1,735
Time: Thurs afternoon & Fri morning
Mood: Relaxed
Impression: It's fine

I was able to write yesterday, but I wasn't able to blog about it because I didn't have access to the Internet until later in the day. And when I came back I had to go to the wedding rehearsal. Then there were a few drinks and talking of course. I don't drink much, but I had to join in because my brother was getting married.

But let me say that it has always been a fantasy of mine to write somewhere that has a beautiful view. And one of the places that I always imagined was on the porch of my mother's beach house. Well, I got that chance yesterday. I wrote a little, looked up from the screen, allowed my mind to drift as I figured out how to phrase something. Got a glimpse of the beach shrubs and ocean, then continued writing. Heavenly!

And another great thing was that I finally figured out what act 3 of the book is going to be about. For about a week or so, i have been trying to figure out what leads to the climax. Yesterday I figured it out. It turns out that the answer was always in the story, but just took a bit to get there.

And today I wrote in front of the window in my mom's office. And actually one of the pictures of my nieces and nephews inspired one of the character's actions in the book. A story that one of them told me about their experiences ended up in the book.

Also, the book is what I thought the book was going to be about when I sat down to write it. Way back then I said that the book was about how society teaches us to want things that we don't need and that can sometimes bring us more pain than pleasure. But as I wrote, I didn't really see that coming up. But today, out of the blue, there the theme appeared. I figured that if I just remained patient it would come up.

I think that if I really crank it out, I could finish it by the end of next week. But cranking out words is not something that I'm likely to do here. There are beaches that need to swam on, family that needs counseling, postcards that need designing and relaxation that needs to be completed. So hopefully I will be done before Christmas.

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