Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Introducing something new in the book

Words: 2,766
Time: 10:30 - 12
Mood: Good
Impression: I didn't see it coming but it fits

The number of words that I wrote today is misleading. I only wrote 1,200 new words today. All of the other words are transcribed from my Jelqing or How To Enlarge your Penis video. I had transcribed it on a day that I only registered 800 words. So today's numbers look overblown because of it.

But I wrote about something that I didn't expect to write today. I knew that I was going to address this topic at some point, but that wasn't the plan this morning. And what's come out of it is that I'm going to add information about how to get over the plateau that you hit in gains. I have had a lot of success with jelqing. But what I have realized over the years is that and inch and a half is rare. I guess the truth of the matter is that I didn't tell the whole story when I made the video.

You have to understand that when I made the video I never expected for it to be viewed over a million times. I never suspected that people would rely on it like people have. So when I was making the video I just took the information that I got in the manual that I first got and gave it to people in video form. But there was a whole other part that I didn't mention in the video that I was engaged in.

When I was making the video I didn't think that this other part had anything to do with my jelqing success. But because I was recently looking over a lot of my journals from a few years ago, I now understand how much what else I was doing helped. Really if I just thought logically about it, I would have realized that of course it helped. But I just didn't.

So now, with the book, I am going to tell the other part of the story. At no point did I think that I was going to include this part, much less when I woke up this morning. But that's what happens when you write, surprising things happen.

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