Friday, November 20, 2009

It's moving along now

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Here's an interesting fact about me. When I was in the 2nd grade, I got an 'F' in writing. Oh course, back then it was about the physical ability to write. My elementary school used to split the kids up into 2 different classes. I was in the class with all of the smarter kids. But even though I was in that class I was also a very poor reader.

I can remember the dread I would feel whenever we had reading time in class. The teacher would go around the class and have a student read a couple of paragraphs aloud. And when he would get to me I would just become embarrassed. The truth was that I could barely read. It wasn't that I didn't know the words, it was that I would stare at a word and I couldn't remember which word it was.

My reading was so bad that my parents had me tested to make sure that everything was "ok" with me. I can remember the day that the results came back. It was the night that we would always go out for our family night out. My mother walked around glamorously dressed and I kept saying "can we go". But my mother kept saying that she was waiting on a call.

When the call came in my father got next to my mother as she spoke to the person on the other end. When the call was over she turned to my father and said "everything is fine". She then walked over to me, bent down, gave me a big kiss and said "I knew you were normal."

After that I attended a special after school program to improve my reading. In the 5th grade I attended a reading program at another school, and in the 7th grade at my high school, I was placed in a special reading program there. It wasn't until I was taking a college psychology class about learning disorders that I realized that I had a special form of dyslexia. It was such an incredible revelation to me. It make me feel so much better that it had a name. So with all of that being my history I now find it very ironic now that I have made more money as a writer than I have in any other field.

I say all of that to say that I I never really took a class on how to write books. I learned how to write long form by learning how to write movie scripts. In scripts the stakes have to be very high all the time. That is what gets people to watch the movie. But that's not the case with books.

With scripts being my foundation for long form writing, I still have my doubts that the stakes for the book are high enough. All my characters want, is to be happy. There's penis enlargement, sex, a funny talking alcoholic penis and a ton of information in the book. But I can't help but ask myself is trying to be happy a high enough stake? It's certainly isn't as high as trying to save the universe from the evil Darth Vader. But I'm still hoping that it is.

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