Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Starting to ease into it

Words: 1,657
Time: 10:45 - 1:30 & then 15 minutes at 6:30
Mood: Pretty good
Impression: It's going in the right direction

I didn't write yesterday because my original youtube account got deleted accidentally. And I spent the night before uploading all of my videos into a new account. I then woke up pretty late and on top of that I was bummed out plus I had a early afternoon meeting. I just could get my self revved up to do it.

My old youtube account used to get 1,500 views per day. It will take another year before I get back there. It looks like I will be getting about 300 per day for a while, so that's better than nothing.

In terms of the story, I am really starting to get into the meat of it. The characters that work with the main character are all quirky and interesting. I'm just starting to wonder how many gay jokes are too many. By no means am I making fun of gays. I'm just having fun with the concept. For example, the asks the question what would you do if you found out that your penis was gay? See, this isn't just penis enlargement guide, or interesting story. It is a book that will make you think.

Oh, and I've decided how I will describe the book. It is a fiction/non-fiction hybrid. Within the funny story are parts where the characters read from a penis enlargement guide, a g-spot guide etc. I don't know of a lot of fiction/non-fiction hybrid book. I'm hoping that I could be coming up with something new. :-)

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